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Auxiliary Zipper Bag Equipment

    1. Corona Treatment
    2. Corona Treatment Our corona treatment includes digital and high-power two types. It adopts single-phrase 220V power supply with 6A current and 50HZ. The film treatment speed ranges from 50m/min to 100m/min, and the freezing film speed is 20-30m/min. This corona treatment's frequency and output power is 10 kHz and 2kw.
    1. Automatic Inflation Controller
    2. Automatic Inflation Controller Our automatic inflation controller is specially designed for film blowing machine by our technicians. It has easy operation, high sensibility and low error (±1.5mm). When the film is oversize, undersize or disconnected, this automatic inflation controller will alarm and inflate automatically.
    1. Perforating Device
    2. Perforating Device Butterfly hole pneumatic plastic bag perforating device is designed to perforate hanging hole with different shapes and sizes, on the plastic bags made from PE, PP, OPP, PO, PVC, PPE, and CPE, etc. It can perforate plastic bag with the one-layer thickness up to 0.02mm, and the punching speed can be up to 160 times/ min
    1. Silicone Conveyor Belt
    2. Silicone Conveyor Belt In order to strengthen the belt, the silicon conveyor belt made from China-national silica gel, uses the cross-ruling lines during its production. It is also widely used on our zip lock bag making machines.

As a China-based, professional zipper bag equipment manufacturer, we at Xinda are able to provide grip seal bag machinery, zipper machine, and plastic machine, as well as auxiliary zipper bag equipment, like corona treater, automatic inflation controller, perforating device, silicone conveyor belt, plastic granulator (grinding milling machine), and material cutting and punching machine, etc.

  • Our corona treater is mainly used to eliminate static on the surface of film, and then it is easy and convenient to print on the film.
  • Automatic inflation controller is designed for film blowing machine. When the film is too large or small, and disconnected, the controller will alarm and automatically inflate.
  • This perforating device is suitable for punching hanging hole with various shapes and sizes.
  • The silicone conveyor belt is specially used in ziplock bag making machine.
  • Our plastic granulator (grinding milling machine) is applied to recycle the waste materials and offal of the soft plastic film, bag and pipe, and put them into reproduction.
  • This material cutting and punching machines is applicable for pressing and cutting materials, in the process of manufacturing shoes, caps, cases, bags, and plastic products, etc.
  • We offer free samples on auxiliary zipper bag equipment.
  • When you buy our product, we provide a set of free wear parts.
  • All zipper bag equipment comes with a one-year quality warranty, and during which, we will free service like maintenance and replacement.

For more detailed information, please feel free to contact us at Xinda, or go to specific product pages. We are ready to serve you.

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