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Zipper Bag Making Machinery

    1. Zipper Bag Making Machine (Thermal Bonding)
    2. Zipper Bag Making Machine (Thermal Bonding) XINDA zipper bag making machines are able to make all types of zipper,reclosable,slider bags through thermal bonding or attaching the zipper onto the flat film. Our bag making machine settles many difficulties and limits that the traditional way encountered to make the zipper bags, such as multicolored printing requirement.
    1. Zipper Extruder, Plastic Extrusion Line
    2. Zipper Extruder, Plastic Extrusion Line It is very important that every step of this extrusion line performs with precision consistency at all times, because the extrusion of Zippers is a very complex operation due to the characteristic of precise 'interlocking' of male & female zipper and the strong tolerance requirement of the final zipper product.

Our zipper machines, including plastic zipper extruder and zipper bag making machine, are designed to produce plastic zipper and bag.
Plastic zipper, mainly made from PE or PP, is widely used in packaging bags, including three-side sealing bags, vacuum bags, freezer bags, and common ziplock bags (zipper bags, bone bags), etc.

As a leading zipper machine manufacturer, we at Xinda can provide not only high quality and low-cost grip seal bag machinery, plastic machine, and ziplock bag die head, and more, but also complete sales service.
In order to make it convenient for customer to know about our zipper equipment, we offer free samples. All our machines come with a one-year quality warranty, and during which, we offer free services like maintenance and replacement.
For more detailed information, please contact us at XINDA, by phone or email. We are ready to serve you, and look forward to working with you.

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