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Grip Seal Bag Machinery

    1. Film Blow Machine (Zip Lock Bag Machine Use)
    2. Film Blow Machine (Zip Lock Bag Machine Use) With the ongoing expansion of products being offered in reclosable plastic packaging, many companies benefit from using pre-applied zipper film. We developed series of film blowing machines which specially designed to extrude pre-zippered film. These machines are able to extrude plastic film and plastic zipper profile at the same time ...
    1. Film Blowing Printing Machine (Ziploc Bag Use)
    2. Film Blowing Printing Machine (Ziploc Bag Use) The film blowing printing machine is specially used for blowing film for printed zip lock bags.
      With spiral die head, the machine completes forming of film and zippers at one time, and finishes printing before reeling the film. The film blowing printing machine with 1-4 color printing can be tailor made for customers.
    1. Hot Cutting Bag Making Machine (Zip Lock Bag Machine)
    2. Hot Cutting Bag Making Machine (Zip Lock Bag Machine) Our zip lock bag machine makes use of high-tech devices like PLC control system, Panasonic converter, Yaskawa servo motor, electric eye tracking device, Φ5 perforating machine, and more. It is adopted for making various zip lock bags with different patterns and in multiple colors.
    1. Rotogravure Printing Press (Ziploc Bag Printer)
    2. Rotogravure Printing Press (Ziploc Bag Printer) Specially designed for printing zip lock bags, the rotogravure printing press, ASY300-1000 is also used for printing roll materials, such as BOPP, PET, PVC, PE and roll paper, to name a few. The number of printing couple for this combination rotogravure printing press can be adjusted according to users' specific needs ...
    1. SJ30 Color Strip Extruder
    2. SJ30 Color Strip Extruder SJ30 color strip extruder is a mini plastic extruder designed to work with Zip film blowing machine, connected to colored-lock zipper bag die head to produce the colored zipper tapes. SJ30 mini extruder can achieve multiple functions to suit diversified needs of zipper bags production, such as water tightness, double zippers...
    1. SJ20 Red Line Extruder
    2. SJ20 Red Line Extruder SJ20 mini extruder is used to to work with Zip film blowing machine, connected with die head to make a color line on the lip of zipper bag, which makes the bag more beautiful, and clearly to confirm the zipper’s top and bottom side.

The series of grip seal bag machinery is specially designed for making zip lock bags, including film blowing machine, bag making machine, and printing machine. Moreover, color strip extruder and red line extruder are adopted for richer colors and wider application of the zip lock bags.

Made of PE, the zip lock bags are generally used as packaging bags in the industries of medicine, food, small components, and more. As a self-adhesive bag, the zip lock bag has a unique design, which allows easy opening from the outside, but not from within. With a special slider, the zip lock bag opens and closes freely. Therefore, the zip lock bag is a promising product in the packaging field.

Xinda is an experienced grip seal bag machinery manufacturer and supplier in China. In addition to the high quality low priced grip seal bag machinery like color strip extruder, zipper bag making machine, and more, we also provide customers with attentive service. For example, we offer free samples for customers, and an extra set of easily damaged parts for free when deliver the goods. Also, for our equipment sold, we offer one-year free maintenance service. If you have any questions about our grip seal bag machinery or other products, please feel free to contact us. We at Xinda look forward to hearing from you.

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